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Most of the Russians have heard about Dubai, but very few are aware of Bahrain, which is as open and modern as Dubai, but much more peaceful. Now, after seeing what is going on in the world, the Russian investors are wary and moving most of their assets from Europe to friendly countries like Brazil, China, UAE (Dubai), etc but they missed Bahrain. 

Let us take a quick look at why Bahrain is the best place for investors to keep your money.

Fact UAE Singapore Bahrain
Average Cost of Living one person 1700 1500 1170
Currency vs USD 0.27 0.76 2.65
Crime Rate per 100k population 0.35 0.21 0.12
Business center 1 year rent The starting price is around $5000. The starting price is around $5000. It starts around $3500.
Dinner for 2 at mid-level restaurant 90$ 55$ 80$
Income Tax 0 Starting from YA 2024, the income tax rate for non-tax residents will vary from 15% to 24%. Individuals need not pay any inheritance tax or capital gain. Singapore levies tax only on the income earned in the country. 0
Corporate Tax 10% 17% 0
Crime Rate 0.33 0.22 0.16

Bahrain is a beautiful island country in the Middle East and the distance from other GCC country are:

  1. To Dubai = hour 15 minutes by flight
  2. To Riyadh = hour 20 minutes by direct flight
  3. To Oman = hour 20 minutes
  4. To New Delhi = 3 hours 45 minutes
  5. To Moscow = 5 hours

The biggest development in the Middle East region is taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”). There are a lot of opportunities in the KSA as of today and it seems like they will remain for at least for next 10 years. By living in Bahrain, you can get a visa for KSA and explore the KSA market for your business.

If you have a business which requires you to move things from one country to another country in the world, then also Bahrain is the best option because of low cost of operations and tax environment.

Most of the businesses in Bahrain can be owned 100% by the foreigners and those that cannot be. We can arrange a system wherein you will keep absolute control over the business. There is a sizable community of Russians in Bahrain who live mostly in Reef Island, Amwaj, Hidd, Zinj area. 

Now coming to the business and personal reasons for which you should choose Bahrain are:

  1. No income tax
  2. No corporate tax
  3. Low cost of running business
  4. Most businesses can be 100% owners by Russians
  5. Visa friendly regime
  6. Very low crime rate of crime. You do not have to worry about family safety
  7. Very good schools
  8. Open atmosphere
  9. Access KSA market via road (Bahrain connected to KSA via road)
  10. Low cost of living compared to Dubai
  11. Second strongest currency in world
  12. Still connected with SWIFT
  13. You can receive your payments in Bahrain from all over the world
  14. Branches of foreign banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered etc
  15. Family oriented society
  16. Beaches and party life
  17. Night Club
  18. Alcohol is available
  19. Russian food is available
  20. Russian restaurants

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