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What is Georgia? It is Caucasian hospitality, friendly people, from subtropical to temperate climate, rich flora, amazing cuisine, fascinating history and lots of investment opportunities. And Georgia is also the absence of real estate taxes and a fairly easy procedure for obtaining a residence permit.

An amazing country, conquering from the first visit, moreover, with a wide range of areas for development. In the first half of 2022, Georgia’s economy grew by 10.5% – an excellent trend, stable reliance on business, government, tourism.

Details of obtaining a residence permit in Georgia:

  • when buying a property from $ 100,000, a residence permit is issued for 1 year, the period of obtaining is 2 months;
  • when buying a property from $ 300,000, a residence permit is issued for 3 years;
  • the application involves the submission of documents for the next of kin – spouses, children, disabled persons who are dependent;
  • Residence permit allows you to use all services – from medical to banking;
  • the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in Georgia after 6 years of residence in the country, after 10 years of residence, citizenship is issued;
  • registration of the right to property takes from 15 minutes;
  • there are no real estate taxes in the country;
  • there is a simplified system of registration of residential and non-residential facilities. 

Additionally, we highlight a wide range of investment opportunities.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office together with its partners prepared a detailed presentation describing the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia and a second citizenship, as well as a register of necessary documents and a selection of real estate objects.

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