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Mexico is one of the largest countries in the world. Mexico is famous for its impeccable beaches, endless deserts, tropical forests, incredibly high mountains, impressive volcanoes and unique architectural monuments of the Maya civilization.

Recently, Mexico has gained the popularity of immigrants due to a number of advantages: visa–free regime with the countries of the European Union, Australia, Canada and other countries, developed infrastructure, interesting offers on the real estate market at affordable prices and the ability to quickly and easily obtain a residence permit, and in the future – citizenship.

There are three ways to obtain a residence permit in Mexico:

  1. For real estate investments
  • Investments from $300,000
  • The property must be located no closer than 50 km from the beach and 100 km from the border
  1. For financially independent individuals (in Latin America they are called rentiers)
  • Having at least $55,000 in a bank account or passive income: $3,100 per month for the main applicant 
  1. Work visa
  • A work visa is issued for a period of 2 or 4 years. Then, at the migration authority in Mexico, it can be replaced with a residence permit with a work permit.
  • The residence permit is issued for 1 year and then extended for 3 years
  • 3 years after obtaining a residence permit, you can apply for permanent residence (does not require extension)
  • In 2 years after obtaining permanent residence, you can apply for citizenship. To obtain citizenship for the last 2 years before submitting documents, the client cannot be absent from the territory of Mexico for more than 180 days in 2 years

Benefits of Mexican citizenship:

  • visa-free entry to 145 countries of the world, including the EU, and accelerated visa to the USA and Canada
  • the opportunity to live and work in a country with a comfortable warm climate, low cost of living and a high level of environmental conditions
  • the right to do business in the country on preferential terms
  • free use of high-level medical services

Russia and Mexico do not have an agreement on dual citizenship for citizens. But in these countries it is allowed to have a second citizenship. That is, when you receive a second citizenship, you will not be obliged to give up the first one.

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