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Relocation almost always affects all important aspects of everyday life – from changing your place of residence, familiar surroundings and household details to starting a new job, the need to transport your family and pets. Difficulties often arise with the latter, but the specialists of ARAVANA Multifamily Office know what to do with it.

For example, Dubai is a popular destination for relocation of both personal and business. It is modern, convenient, promising and comfortable.

In Dubai, four-legged pets are treated with all attention, and therefore the requirements for transporting animals are high, strict and quite fair. In order to transport your dog to Dubai, you must:

  • put a microchip and enter its data into the vet passport;
  • get a certificate about the physical health of the dog;
  • get the vaccination documents and check all the necessary basic data about the animal;
  • get a certificate of the absence of rabies and agree on a number of vaccinations.

Fees are paid on the official MOCCAE website.

You can transport the animal by regular flights. There are options with transportation by private plane, for which the following regulations apply:

  • animals weighing more than 10 kg fly in the luggage compartment, but the owners have access to the dog during the flight;
  • in the luggage compartment, animals are transported in a rigid carrier, a soft carrier will be required in the cabin.

Not all dog breeds can be transported to the UAE. ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists, together with partners, are ready to figure out the current conditions and provide their clients with comprehensive support in organizing the transportation of animals.

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