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Buying property abroad is the goal of almost every progressive investor. This is an attractive mechanism for capital investment, high rental rates, property protection and preservation of liquidity. However, buying is not the whole process. To make a profit from an investment, you need to manage it. It is preferable that this should be done by professionals who perfectly understand the picture of the market and see the best opportunities.

Many of the owners of foreign real estate use it only during the vacation period. The rest of the time, the house is empty. Very often the owners decide to rent it out. But how to do it remotely, protect your rights, exchange documents and accept an apartment or house after the tenants move out? 

To do this, there is a real estate management mechanism, when all the issues that arise are taken over by specialists.

ARAVANA Multifamily Office professionals, together with partners, are ready to take over all the details of renting an apartment or house for rent:

  • search for tenants, drafting a lease agreement and managing rental payments;
  • payment of utility costs and taxes, insurance services;
  • preparation of regular reports for the property owner;
  • control over the cleaning and maintenance of real estate;
  • design and modernization of real estate, control and supervision of the progress of construction works;
  • additional household services.

The average rates of aggregators of luxury real estate in the UAE assume a commission of 18-25% of the rental price. Real estate management through a manager will allow you to save money and receive a wider range of services.

The goal of ARAVANA Multifamily Office experts and partners is to offer customers the best opportunities on favorable terms. An individual approach to each transaction allows you to solve any issues that arise and guarantee full transparency of each of the stages.

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