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Modern and effective business development is not only about strategy, ambition and the ability to take risks. There are also a lot of legal details that need to be calculated and controlled. Legal support of business processes both in Russia and abroad should be entrusted to professionals.

For example, opening a company account abroad. This is necessary for the fast financial transactions, as well as for the legitimate presence of a business on a foreign territory. The more transparent the financial processes, the more confidence in the company from the authorities and regulatory authorities, and from consumers of goods and services. And trust is the key to rapid business growth.

During their work, ARAVANA Multifamily Office lawyers have formed a voluminous database of legal cases and knowledge in various fields, as well as a structure of ready-made solutions in order to promptly respond to customer requests and help solve emerging issues.

Specialists are ready to take on the following customer requests:

  • To choose a bank abroad, taking into account geographical location, visa regime, restrictions or specifics of regulation, taxation conditions, including agreements with the Russian Federation on taxation;
  • To help with the paperwork;
  • To provide support in opening and maintaining an account, including the technical aspects of management and reporting to the bank.

Working with professionals saves not only time and reduces financial costs. It increases the rating of the business both among partners and in the eyes of competitors.

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