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M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is the process of combining the assets of two companies. That is, these are transactions as a result of which the ownership of companies or their operating divisions is transferred or consolidated with another organization. 

From the point of view of strategic management, mergers and acquisitions allow enterprises to grow or optimize part of the business, change its nature and place in the market.

Despite the steady use of these two words together, there is a difference between a company merger and a company acquisition. It is noted in the law “On Joint-Stock Companies”.

Types of mergers and acquisitions differ in various features:

  • By type of activity – horizontal (if companies working in the same field are united), vertical (if enterprises work at different stages of the same process – for example, one produces raw materials, and the second produces finished products), generic (when companies working in the same area of the economy are united (for example, the production of crop and livestock products), conglomerate (when merging firms whose activities do not overlap);
  • By geographical principle – local, regional, national, international;
  • By relationship between management and staff of companies – friendly (if both sides of the transaction are satisfied with the result and want to merge) and hostile (if the merger/acquisition takes place against the will of one of the companies). Usually we are talking about acquiring a competitor in the market.

We provide our clients with a full range of services at all stages of the implementation of Russian mergers and acquisitions projects:

  • Structuring of Russian M&A transactions in accordance with Russian and international legislation
  • Preparation and approval of shareholder agreements, purchase/sale option agreements and other transaction documents
  • Preparation and approval of share/asset purchase and sale agreements and related documentation
  • Advising on the creation of joint ventures and strategic partnerships
  • Transaction closing support

ARAVANA experts have more than 8 years of experience in the market of consulting services for small, medium and large businesses and know all the pitfalls in conducting such transactions. Our credo is high quality and excellent level of services, and strict compliance with ethical standards.

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