Investments in projects: sale of a technical inspection station and a washing complex

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Investing in a ready-made business is almost an ideal option for those who have already tried their hand at entrepreneurship, understand how such a mechanism can work, but do not want to waste time and effort establishing the processes.

The first question to ask out loud when buying a ready-made business is as follows: “What is the reason for the sale?”. It will give an understanding of what has been happening with the business lately, may show some existing problems and highlight “subtle” spots. The more open the seller is to dialogue, the better. It is difficult to verify the reputation of a small-scale business, but the larger the structure, the more vertically built connections it has – the easier it is to collect information. It will give the key to everything: understanding the client pool, stability of financial receipts, risks.

There is another option, in which all risks have already been minimized, and the information has been collected and systematized. In this case, ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists offer the most interesting cases for investments.

For example, the sale of a technical inspection station for cars and motorcycles with a car wash complex for 3 posts. Here are some details of the project:

  • convenient location: between the metro stations “Baumanskaya”, “Krasnoselskaya” and “Komsomolskaya” in Moscow with permanent traffic;
  • separate territory with parking;
  • the whole range of services of the washing complex;
  • partnership with the Koch brand;
  • new equipment;
  • a complete line of equipment for technical inspection.

Financial aspects:

  • business price – 6 million rubles;
  • average monthly net profit – 600,000 -700,000 rubles;
  • average monthly turnover – 2 million rubles;
  • without additional investments.

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    Managing Director for Business Development

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