Immigration, relocation and freedom of movement: a window of opportunity

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We follow the changes and news of the real estate market and are always ready to provide you with up-to-date information on immigration opportunities. What is currently available for Russian citizens?

Immigration status (residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship) is now not a luxury, but a necessity. The goals may be different: relocation, freedom of movement, preservation of capital, the ability to open foreign accounts, studies abroad, doing business and others.

The experts of ARAVANA Multifamily Office will select the country suitable for your individual request. Below we present the current programs:

  • Turkish passport (investment from $400,000)
  • Passport of Vanuatu (investment from $130,000)
  • Golden visa of Portugal (investment from €280.000)*

*Last chance – the program will be closed in the coming months

  • Spanish investor visa (investments from €500.000)
  • Permanent residence in Cyprus (investments from €300.000)
  • Residence permit of Hungary (real estate investments from €155.000)
  • EU residence permit on the basis of financial independence (France, Italy, Germany)
  • Dubai residence permit (investments from $205,000)
  • Green card – EB-5 program USA (investments from $800,000)
  • Permanent residence in Canada (Start Up Visa Program)
  • Permanent residence in Panama (investments from $300,000)
  • Residence permit of Mexico (investments from $300,000 or based on financial independence)
  • Residence permit of Chile based on financial independence
  • Permanent residence and passport of Argentina (based on passive income)
  • Permanent residence and passport of Paraguay (based on financial independence)
  • Residence permit of the European Union for digital nomads or highly qualified specialists (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Finland)
  • Residence permit of Oman (for real estate investments)

Some countries do not allow citizens to obtain passports of other states. Therefore, Russians who want to obtain citizenship in such jurisdictions will have to give up their Russian passport. Among the countries where dual citizenship is prohibited are Lithuania, Montenegro, China and Kazakhstan.

Anyone who decides to renounce Russian citizenship will need to collect a set of documents, including a certificate of absence of tax arrears in Russia, a document on the availability of citizenship of another country or confirmation of the possibility of obtaining it, as well as a document on de-registration at the place of residence in Russia. 

If a person has no guarantees that he will receive citizenship of another country, there is an unfulfilled obligation to Russia or a criminal case has been opened against him, then he will not be able to get rid of Russian citizenship. An application from a person living in Russia will be considered for up to a year, and abroad — in a simplified manner — up to six months.

Get detailed expert advice on residence permit and second citizenship programs. Leave a request in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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