Foreign structures of Russian business: what it looked like, what it will look like

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In 2022, businesses had to react quickly to changes from the outside. The companies actively rebuilt financial flows, re-formed trade relations, transferred business to other jurisdictions and completely revised the approach to management.

The UAE has become a leader in the relocation of Russian companies due to a comfortable tax system and the speed of business opening. In 2023, however, a number of changes are planned:

  • in June 2023, a corporate income tax will be introduced in the UAE. It will be 9%;
  • the VAT rate in the country will remain at 5% for the time being.

In Qatar, you can work with the exemption of the company’s profits from taxation. Today it is one of the most promising jurisdictions.

In Hong Kong, only income received from sources located here falls under the tax. This tax regime may be revised in the near future.

In other countries, where Russian business was relocated in 2022, the tax burden turned out to be quite serious:

  • In Turkey, the income tax rate is 23%, but in 2023 it will be reduced to 20%;
  • in Kazakhstan, the indicator is at the level of 20%;
  • Armenia – 18%;
  • Hong Kong – 16.5%;
  • Uzbekistan – 15%.

Russian business has tried itself in Bahrain and Mauritius. The start conditions for companies here look very comfortable. For example, you can register a company in Bahrain within 4 weeks, the cost of the service will be from $ 3,300, you will additionally need to pay for the legal address.

Need help finding the optimal jurisdiction for business? ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists together with partners have developed a large volume of successful cases on relocation of companies. Each case is unique, and we will offer optimal conditions taking into account the wishes and requirements.

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