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Genealogy is a systematic collection of information and data about the origin, succession of the family and the presence and identity of family ties with history. In fact, this is the science of kinship ties. To collect data – and there are a lot of them – specialists use not only modern methods such as genetic analysis, but also a lot of historical documents, as well as oral sources. 

Genealogical research can look like a tree due to a more visual representation of the connections of each individual. In some cases, it can be a diagram or even a story. Almost any format will do, as long as the goal is realized: to tell a person about his origin and ancestors. 

Visualization is a great option to formalize knowledge about family history in a coherent form and pass it on. 

ARAVANA Multifamily Office specialists are ready to help in creating a family history and provide the following services: 

  • conduct genealogical research, including professional search in archives;
  • organize and conduct a genealogical examination: to compile a family tree, to analyze the safety of information sources, to assess the prospects for further data collection;
  • organize and conduct research on genetic material;
  • create a visualization: arrange information in the form of a book about the history of the family and the genus, supplement the data with photos and copies of important documents;
  • release a film about the history of the genus based on the collected data.

This is not the whole list of features of ARAVANA Multifamily Office. The path of research of the genus can be colorful, multi-step and long, and who knows where it will eventually lead. One thing is clear: the more data, documents, living evidence and collected information, the brighter the chronicle of the genus will be. 

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