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The topic of alternative payment methods for foreign real estate is relevant among our clients who do not yet have foreign accounts. 

We have updated the catalog of objects in those countries where payment in rubles is available and developers accept cryptocurrency.

For example, all projects of Phuket9 – our exclusive partner in Thailand – can be paid in rubles. On August 1, prices are expected to increase, be on time to invest now to make the most of the cost increase – up to 30% by the deadline in 2025.

  • Apartments from $105,000 and villas from $912,000 
  • Locations: West and south coast of Phuket
  • Project completion period: from the 4th quarter of 2023 to the 1st quarter of 2025

Two investment programs to choose from: 

  1. Fixed income program: 7% for 5 years 
  2. Rental Pool program: 40% of the income to the investor, 60% to the management company (expenses on the share of the management Company)

Alternative payment methods are also possible in the following locations: 

Bali (from $180,000) is one of the friendliest locations, all developers accept payment in rubles, payment in cryptocurrency is allowed in this country

Dubai and Abu Dhabi (from $400,000) – on the secondary market, objects can be paid in rubles, some developers have crypto wallets and payment in cryptocurrency is allowed in the country

Turkey (from $80,000) – all types of payment are available

It is important that the transaction is accompanied by the necessary package of documents. ARAVANA, together with its partners, ensures complete security of the transaction at all stages with timely receipt of a check for payment from the seller.

All types of payments are available to customers both in Moscow and in the regions. 

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