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A private jet is often presented as a cinematic symbol of luxury and abundance. Let’s leave the cliche to the big screens: in everyday life, light private planes solve global issues of rapid and operational movements, and where decisions need to be made even more actively, business aviation comes into play. 

In recent months, Istanbul has become a real business hub of aviation. This is not only a convenient location – Europe is only a few hours away – but also a variety of alternative travel options, as well as a wide range of flight combinations. Airport services have adjusted very quickly to changing conditions, which means that the road has become more comfortable. 

Basically, the Turkish fleet consists of quite old aircraft. All of them are in Istanbul – you can use them if necessary. However, it is still more interesting to have new aircraft that meet not only all modern and relevant safety requirements, but also create a unique atmosphere of easy travel.

So, Istanbul can provide:

  • LearJet 60XR. This is a 2012 board with an updated cabin and seats for 7 passengers;
  • Citation XLS+, accommodating 8 passengers, 2014 year of manufacture;
  • Challenger 300 (2014) and Challenger 650 (2017), 8 and 11 passengers respectively;
  • Gulfstream 450 and 650, 2011 and 2018, for 11 and 14 passengers;
  • The Falcon 8X is the newest aircraft of this year’s release, capable of carrying up to 14 guests.  

The parameters of all the presented aircraft are really luxurious. But this does not mean that the charter price turns out to be cosmic – the cost of flights is quite adequate, and aircraft owners are as flexible as possible in negotiations and pricing policy. 

The conditions for moving around the world have become more complicated this year, but the specialists of ARAVANA Multifamily Office know what to do with it and are ready to provide their customers with the most up-to-date offers on flights and trips. 

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