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Antalya province has become the undisputed leader in housing sales to foreigners and has held this title for several months; Mersin has also steadily gained a foothold in the “top three winners”.

Russians consider buying housing there, and not only as an “investment option” (as many buyers, for example, from China and the Middle East: they often buy apartments and keep them empty until better times, until they become more expensive). Our compatriots purchase housing in Turkey primarily in order to live there or at least spend time for months within the framework of visa-free days, especially when it comes to coastal regions: enjoy nature, weather, three hundred sunny days a year, etc.

We will tell you what has recently appeared in Alanya and Mersin in terms of convenience and comfort for everyday life all year round. Moreover, Alanya has every chance of separating from Antalya in the very near future and becoming an independent province: after the presidential elections, this issue was again put on the agenda.

Medicine and health

Of course, one of the most important news of the last month was that in Turkey in general and in Antalya-Alanya in particular, a mechanism for providing medical care at home for elderly citizens is being worked out. This will affect those who are 80+ years old, but in the presence of chronic diseases – from 65 years old. So the service of the “district doctor at home”, familiar to Russians, as well as the arrival of a medical team, if a person has Turkish citizenship, will be available; and citizenship, we remind you, can be obtained either “for investment”, or after living for 5 years in Turkey on a residence permit based on the purchase of housing, if you do not leave for too long.

Transport and roads

Gazipaşa Airport is expanding and improving – after all, you can fly to Alanya not only using Antalya airport. The need for this arose a long time ago: after all, only in the first quarter of 2023 (January – March), 106,382 passengers used Gazipaşa services. Now, thanks to the new runway, it will become even more convenient. By the way, the terminal area will also increase.

As for highways, it was discussed that Antalya and Alanya will be connected by an updated broadband highway, but, according to unofficial sources, at the moment the development of this project has been temporarily put on pause, although no one is going to abandon it. It’s just that the tender, which was supposed to take place in June, has been postponed so far to autumn.

Theoretically, there is an idea of “including” Alanya in the railway network, but these are still rather distant plans.

State institutions

The Municipality of Alanya is moving to a new 4-storey building, more convenient for both employees and visitors. Thus, new premises of the Alanya government house will appear in the city, where the governor’s office, as well as the offices of related structures, will “move”. There will also be a police station and a disaster and crisis management center, and perhaps there will be enough space for offices of some other institutions.

The design project was developed and approved long ago; Oba (or Obaköy) district was chosen as the location.

Social infrastructure

Large-scale work has started on the organization of a radically new beach, walking and entertainment zone in the Oba-Tosmur area. This is a very impressive stretch of coast in length – as much as 2.5 kilometers. It’s a little late, though – almost at the peak of the summer season – but still this news is pleasant. There will be bicycle, pedestrian paths, playgrounds for sports, areas with exercise equipment, gazebos for recreation and so on.

A new farmer’s market has opened in Turkler, its area is 17,500 m2. Well, the “Friday market” in Alanya is planned to open before the end of June 2023 (let’s clarify that as a format, the “Friday market” has always worked in the city, as in other cities; but now a special large premises with its own parking has been organized for it).

And finally, one of the most important news: despite the fact that Alanya is located in a very calm zone from a tectonic point of view and for this reason, it is not subject to strong earthquakes in principle (and local residents, like everybody throughout Turkey, are used to small shakes), the authorities have taken care to make Alanya more earthquake-resistant.

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